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A Good Day

Into the Woods , Pastel, 19x14" SOLD This is a scene from my office window of the path that my husband mows for easy access into the woods. It tickles me to watch turkeys strut down this path or the deer promenade from out of the woods. I painted this primarily plein air and did some touch up from photo reference in my studio. Fall Splendor , Acrylic, 10x8" SOLD "All good things come to those that wait". Had this little piece in our local Manchester gallery, The Wild Acorn, for what seemed forever. I got the call today while in my Open Figure Studio in Tecumseh, that my piece had sold. This scene is from one of my husband and mine's many forays into northern Michigan. Linda , Oil, 12x9" SOLD Linda was our model today at Open Figure Studio. She is fantastic and doesn't move a bit. At break time she  once again becomes her usual bubbly personality! Linda is a wonderful artist in her own right and I am proud to say that she has been one of