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Three Little Tomatoes Sitting in a Tray

Three Little Tomatoes Sitting in a Tray , Oil, 5x7", SOLD I really, really like what I did with this painting. OK, first came the influence from the Carol Marine workshop. I don't think I would of thought to do a still life from a bird's eye view. But more importantly, what I garnered was how the shapes and angles make an interesting design, rather than painting the objects for themselves. I love how the diagonals lend motion, the strong light and shadows add drama, as well as, the intense reds playing off the cool blues of the shadows. The hard linear qualities of the tray in juxtaposition to the organic shapes of the tomatoes also add contrast and excitement.

Gracias Rosa

Gracias Rosa , Oil, 7x5" SOLD On Valentine's Day, my sweet husband took me to Casa Bonita for lunch. Upon leaving, I was given this red rose from the staff to take as a 'thank you' for our patronage. I took it home to my studio and here is the result!

Stand Out

Stand Out, Oil, 6x8",  Available I love color. I started this painting on the last day of the Carol Marine workshop in Aurora, IL last December. I just had a sketchy underpainting going, when I petered out. It was a fantastic and intensive five days. I wasn't sure if I was going to finish it, but I liked the concept and I had taken photos. You may even notice that these are the same flowers as in 'Something Borrowed, Something Blue'. So, here is the finished product and I love it!