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The Nature's Arrangement Challenge

Started From Seed, Acrylic, 6x6", SOLD This is a  Daily Paintworks Challenge  posted by   James Coulter . The directions are as follows: For this challenge you'll have to go outside (yes, even if it's hot). Choose some flowers on the ground and stand from one to six feet away from them. Use only these colors: Ultra Blue, Cad Yellow Med (or Lt), Cad Rd Lt and white. Limit your painting time to one hour (don't cheat!). Using only three brush sizes (large, med and small) start with a large brush and cover the canvas with thin paint (not runny), getting most of the large, dark areas blocked in. Then work dark to light, thin to thick. Have a focal point with darker darks, lighter lights, more intense color, thicker paint and fewer sharper edges. The rest of the painting should support that area with less visual energy (softer edges, less intense colors, less contrast). Use the smallest brush only at the end and in the focal area only (last 15 minutes). Use a value

Open Figure Session, July 27, 2011

Shadow Play,  Charcoal, 12x12" I love this poise at today's Open Figure Studio. I have been working on oil and acrylic paintings for the last few weeks, in my own studio, so its a nice departure to work with charcoal. Pat is a great model that holds very still and is a wonderful photographer in her own right.

Open Figure Session, July 20, 2011

The Heart Shape Pendant , Carbon Pencil, 14x11 It might of been sweltering hot outside, but we were as cool as cucumbers at our Open Figure Studio. Linda, our model, brought in fresh picked blueberries and we drew and painted to soft music. It's so nice to spend an afternoon with fellow artists doing our thing.

Open Figure Session, July 13, 2011

Ben , Oil, 14x11" Ben graciously accepted my request to be our model for Open Figure Studio. I bet his mother wishes that she could get him to sit as quiet and as still as he did for us! I had not touched my oils in about 4 or five weeks due to many other commitments. I do, however, draw, sketch or paint almost everyday. I had a little trepidation and had actually given myself permission to not push myself. Well, from the moment my brush touched my panel I got totally lost in the joy of what I was doing. Mmmmm, maybe that is what I need to practice everyday. Just letting go and having fun in the process of doing!

Little Ben Saved the Day!

Ben , Charcoal, 14x11"  This is Ben. He is 11 years old and one of the best models that I have had the privilege of working with. I taught a two day Figure and Portrait Workshop last week and the scheduled model neither called or showed. Ben happened to be in with his mother who is on staff with the Community Arts of Tecumseh. I asked her permission to use Ben after I asked Ben if he was interested. He gave me a resounding, "yes", and he was our only model from 9 AM until 3 PM. What a trooper! Everyone loved him and I think you can truly see his wonderful personality in this charcoal sketch that I drew of him.