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Missed You For Tea

Missed You For Tea , color pencil, 2.5 x 3.5", available  I entered this miniature into The Color of White Challenge, posted by Susan Abbott on Daily Paintworks. It is my second piece. My first sold this past Thursday. Missed You For Tea, although small, was a complicated piece that took approximately four hours to draw.

A Bike Too Big

My Big Red Bike I was twelve years old and other than a tricycle as a toddler, I had never owned a bike. Even worse, I couldn't ride one. I wanted more than anything to enjoy the freedom of riding a bike; going long distances in less time, getting out of the neighborhood, exploring new places. Then, out of nowhere, a friend of the family gave me their daughter's old bicycle. A red bike with fat tires, heavy and clunky and very BIG. Hey, I didn't care that it was 'retro', I figured that this thing was going to crush me the moment I fell off considering that I couldn't balance. I would try and I would be bruised, perhaps more pride than body. Both of my brothers had learned to ride on their friends' bikes and then bought bikes of their own. They didn't teach me. Neither did my parents or friends. Back then, it was something that you learned on your own. If you wanted it bad enough, you did it! OK, but my big bike just seemed too big. I felt humiliati

The Road Less Traveled

The Road Less Traveled , Oil on RayMar panel, 5 x 7" SOLD This is the companion piece to Headed Toward the Light. This was actually toward the beginning of our hike and in near proximity to my pastel painting, 'Around The Bend'. As you can see, we were still on relatively level ground. When I paint these little pieces, or even gaze at them, they take me back to being there. But, most of all, walking hand in hand with my best friend, my heart, my husband.