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Shooting Star

Shooting Star , Print, 8x10, available I played with the oil sketch of 'Marilyn' in Photoshop to see how I would of liked to resolve the portrait had I had the time to finish it. I like the way this turned out so much, that one day I may get around to painting it. Oh, if only I had all the time to do everything that I longed to do, I would have to live several lifetimes and be really energetic!


Marilyn, Oil, 11x14, SOLD I started this Sunday evening when I found out what the Daily Paintworks Challenge was. I was pretty excited and I had expected to do a polished piece. Well, sometimes life happens, and I have been pushed and pulled in several directions that just hasn't included time to paint. Oh, I hate that so much! Good news for you as I am auctioning off this lovely oil sketch for $1.

Roses and Teapot

Roses and Teapot , oil, 8x10", available This was from my last day of Qiang Huang's workshop. I am very happy with this piece which took about two hours of concentrated work.

Qiang Huang Workshop

Yellow Rose with Copper Bowl , Oil, 8x10", available Qiang Huang is a gentleman and a scholar, a wonderful artist and an outstanding instructor. In other words, "a true mensch". I was fortunate enough to be able to take his workshop in Sedona last week, my new backyard. I learned so much and everyone there seemed equally pleased. If you ever have the chance to take Qiang's workshop, you will certainly get your money's worth. Although this painting was done in a workshop, the entire piece was created by myself. Qiang gave me helpful tips and critique. My setup was a collaboration with Cheryl who worked along side of me, and my photo below was taken by Denise. The group photo was taken by Qiang.

Commissioned Portrait

Michigan Couple , Oil, 18x24" Sold When I moved to Arizona in July, I brought this piece to finish for a couple back in Michigan. I have included photos of my progression from start to finish. I worked entirely from photos provided by the clients. I did a sketch that I had approved first. Then, I used Photoshop to make a photo composite that became my main reference. Photo composite created in Photoshop I made a 3" grid on my reference and transferred as a sketch to my canvas. I like to work freehand.  I had marked off an extremely light grid with soft vine charcoal. the brush removed the majority of it as I worked loosely and quickly. Light, loose wash with burnt sienna. Applied a warm ground to create unity and a middle value. Beginning to lay in local color and value. Starting to refine the faces. Made the decision to get rid of the shadow between the heads. Detailing the faces, adjusting the background and clothing. Added some c