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Portrait of Margie

I just recently finished this portrait and wanted to share with you my process. Margie is a wonderful person; sophisticated, charming, warm and vivacious! During the photo session, we took photos throughout the house and deck. Margie is photogenic and all the photos looked portrait worthy. Then we decided on a change of outfit and Margie invited me into the bedroom. I loved the warm lighting from her nightstand and the cooler lighting coming in from a window in which hanged a stained glass piece. Margie was all excited to put on her attire that she was taking on her cruise through the Panama Canal. We both giggled like a couple of girls playing 'dress up'. We both knew we had a winner!

Well, while Margie and her husband left for the cruise, and I got started on the portrait.

I began sketching with a brush and paint thinned with mineral spirits. I am most concerned with placement of the elements and not a lot of detail.

Next, I began to wash in some values. I am letting the wh…

Feline Repose II

I scanned my original drawing before it was sold. I then colorized it in Photoshop to create a digital art piece. I am including a double mat suitable for an 8x10" frame.


"Everyday is good, some days are better!" Yesterday, I met with my model, Mary Beth Hamilton, and she purchased her portrait for a gift. She's a beautiful woman and is now a full time model. I met with her at the Scottsdale Artists' School where I had to pick up my pastel paintings from the Arizona Pastel Artists Association Fall Show. My hubby took our picture in front of the school.

If that wasn't good enough, I was also there at the Scottsdale Artists' School for a demonstration by renown New York artist, Max Ginsburg. What a wonderful artist, teacher and a gentleman!

I Got My Head In The Clouds!

Ok, so I know having one's head in the clouds is saying that one is a little 'out of touch' with reality, but that is where I choose to be! I think you almost have to be if you want to be an artist. It's not an insult...just a creative compliment!

I enjoyed painting this portrait because it reflects who I have become. I just had my 62nd birthday and I intend to show my brightest colors before giving way to the dark. I've had some storms in my life, too, and they ebb and flow. I chose to have a big smile because I had my husband take my photos and he is just the light of my light! He always put a smile on my face even when I am mad as hell. Like my friend Hope always tells me, "I got it good". I am grateful, thankful and proud to be an artist. I am proud to be me.

California Gold

This painting reflects just about everything I love in the countryside; water, trees, tall grasses, hills, mountains, and a sunny day.

Morning Storm Clouds

This is a plein air that I did yesterday morning. The sky was pretty stormy and I wasn't sure if I would catch any heavy rain or wind. Luckily, I did not encounter much, to speak of. As you can see in the photo below of my set up, it was clearing up nicely by the time I was wrapping up my gear.

I like using my Guerrilla Painter® 9x12 Pochade Box out in the field even though it's a bit heavy. Actually, that bit of weight keeps it pretty stable when the wind kicks up a bit. I use my Best Brella religiously to keep the sun off of me and my artwork. It gets hot out in the sun and if you ever painted with the bright sun on your surface, you know your painting will look too dark inside.

Best decision I made was to get my jeep. She gets me places even our truck can't get to.

Desert Rain At Sunset

Oh my, I have been having a good ol' time. I have been so busy with hiking, biking, off roading and yes, painting! I have lost a ton of weight, had to replace my wardrobe 3 or 4 times and now I am ready to start anew! So, I apologize for neglecting my blog, but I promise to start posting my work from the last few months and new stuff as it comes along.

Here is my hubby with my off road jeep to hit the trails with for plein air and fun with my guy:

This is a trail in Sedona that the jeep tours take. It's only accessible with something that can climb rocks. Rich is teaching me to do just that. Whoa, is that a rush! Here's me from the same day:

Upcoming Portrait Workshop


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