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Shadow Play

Shadow Play , Oil, 6x8", available I did not think of bananas as difficult to paint. Even though these went quickly, they took sometime before they came together. Funny how expectations can play with your mind. I ended up loving the outcome despite it looking like a jumbled mess for the first half.

Red Pepper Salute

Red Pepper Salute , Oil, 5x7" SOLD This is my first painting in my new studio with my new shadow box. I want to thank Carol Marine for providing the detailed instructions to make it, and my dear hubby, Rich, for building it. By the way, my pepper was delicious on my salad and in my spaghetti sauce!

Arizona Portrait Demo

Eldon , Oil, 14x11", SOLD I had the honor of doing a portrait demo for a small group of artists down in Casa Grande, AZ last week. Eldon was the willing subject and he did a wonderful job of modeling. This was a quick two hour sketch with a few short breaks. Here is a portion of the thank you note I received: "Just wanted to thank you again for the workshop you did for our Art Class here at Las Colinas.  Everyone including our instructor Cathy expressed how much they learned from you.  I have been asked several times to bring out the portrait you did so that they could examine it more closely.  After seeing it, other folks have now expressed interest in checking out our class on Thursdays.  Anyway, thanks again."