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Ice Cream Sundaes, Hot Buns A'Coming

Ice Cream Sundaes, Hot Buns A'Coming , pastel, 16 x 20", $649 I was visiting the park one day and noticed these two gals across the pond, eating their sundaes and checking out the folks walking by. Hot buns a'coming is to give you a visual of what they may be looking at! Click here to purchase

Come Hither

Come Hither, oil, 16x12 This coy sheep in a doorway is giving the 'Come Hither' look. Who knew sheep could look so cute and sexy? I am selling prints in my Etsy store. Click here if you are interested.

Waiting By Water's Edge

Waiting By Water's Edge , 14x11, oil on panel, $399 Nearing winter and the trees were dropping their leaves, a group of us artists set up to paint on location. We had hired a model and painted her on site. Then we did a photo shoot during the 'Golden Hour'. The afternoon was beautiful as the shadows played across the trees and the air was chilled. My painting depicts this lovely young woman as she awaits patiently by the water's edge for her young man to claim her. Click here to purchase


Buddies, 11 x 14" Print $35 I love big, fluffy cats, and thus crazy over Maine Coon cats. These two cats are best buds! Such handsome fellows to grace any home. This Open Edition signed giclée print comes to you in a 11 x 14" black mat with backer board, clear resealable envelope and ready for a standard size frame. I have chosen the elegance of a black mat to focus the viewer's attention on the artwork. Click here to purchase

Portrait Sketches This Saturday In Old Town Cottonwood, 1017 N. Main, 5 PM-7:30 PM

This was my first time posting a video to blogger and unfortunately the quality seems to be diminished and I had some other issues pop up. Also, it uses Flash, which won't work on some devices, such as a tablet. So, please go on my Facebook page by clicking the link below: and while you're at it, here is a little interview of me at the Hart of AZ Gallery:

What's New, Pussycat?

What's New, Pussycat?  oil, 8 x 6", $199 Well, I'll tell you some of what's new...I took down my old website and put up a new e-commerce site at the same address: . It will only have my paintings. Prints, greeting cards, digital downloads and some small paintings will be at my Etsy Etsy store. However, Rome wasn't built in a day, so I will be working to put my artwork up, as I have been so busy with my galleries (and convalescing from an injury) that I had let my Etsy store go fallow. Other than that, life has been good and I earnestly intend to keep my nose to the grindstone. I'll keep you posted! Mary