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Commissioned Portrait

Michigan Couple , Oil, 18x24" Sold When I moved to Arizona in July, I brought this piece to finish for a couple back in Michigan. I have included photos of my progression from start to finish. I worked entirely from photos provided by the clients. I did a sketch that I had approved first. Then, I used Photoshop to make a photo composite that became my main reference. Photo composite created in Photoshop I made a 3" grid on my reference and transferred as a sketch to my canvas. I like to work freehand.  I had marked off an extremely light grid with soft vine charcoal. the brush removed the majority of it as I worked loosely and quickly. Light, loose wash with burnt sienna. Applied a warm ground to create unity and a middle value. Beginning to lay in local color and value. Starting to refine the faces. Made the decision to get rid of the shadow between the heads. Detailing the faces, adjusting the background and clothing. Added some c