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Lincoln Challenge Part Deux

President Lincoln, Oil, 12 x 9" SOLD Here is my painted version.  Value study of President Abraham Lincoln. A president of true values.

New DPW Lincoln Challenge

Honest Abe , print on heavy paper, 10x8" available This week's Daily Paintworks Challenge is to:  D. THE "LET'S IGNORE RAYMOND" CHALLENGE, or if you prefer, OTHER: You do have the option of ignoring me; produce a portrait of Mr. Lincoln in any 2D manner you wish. Don't worry about hurting my feelings, it'll be nothing a good brownie won't cure. (Psst! I am very partial to woodcuts.) I elected to get acquainted with the President's face through drawing a few sketches. I purposely chose to do a caricature in order to really get a feel for those features that best personify the man. I am happy with the results. I eagerly look forward to doing another  Lincoln Challenge  this week: A. THE BLACK AND WHITE CHALLENGE:  Paint the portrait in black and white; try to maintain neutral grays with a limited palette of these three pigments: Ultramarine Blue / Burnt Umber / Titanium White.