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Shhh, I Hear The Light

Shhh, I Hear The Light , Acrylic on panel, 12 x 9" SOLD I've had a terrifically busy few weeks since my last post. I taught a two day Portrait Workshop Boot Camp, that was fabulous. Just a great bunch of students and a couple of terrific models. I did a two day outside event of my fine art, that unfortunately, the weather did not co-operate and I had to pull out early due to high winds. I have been teaching my acrylic, pastel and portrait classes and several commissions and caricature jobs that came my way took up my time. T he Whole Cat and Kaboodle Challenge  was  posted by  Dreama Tolle Perry  on  Saturday May 14, 2011. I got around to it this morning. Originally, I intended to do it in oil, but got sidetracked when I decided to use acrylic to cover and tone a panel that I had used to demo in one of my acrylic classes. My husband, Rich, provided the title. I hope to do a version in oil, if I can spare the time.