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I Got My Head In The Clouds!

Self Portrait , oil, 12x16" Ok, so I know having one's head in the clouds is saying that one is a little 'out of touch' with reality, but that is where I choose to be! I think you almost have to be if you want to be an artist. It's not an insult...just a creative compliment! I enjoyed painting this portrait because it reflects who I have become. I just had my 62nd birthday and I intend to show my brightest colors before giving way to the dark. I've had some storms in my life, too, and they ebb and flow. I chose to have a big smile because I had my husband take my photos and he is just the light of my light! He always put a smile on my face even when I am mad as hell. Like my friend Hope always tells me, "I got it good". I am grateful, thankful and proud to be an artist. I am proud to be me.

California Gold

California Gold , Oil, 8x10", SOLD This painting reflects just about everything I love in the countryside; water, trees, tall grasses, hills, mountains, and a sunny day.