Lincoln Challenge Part Deux

President Lincoln, Oil, 12 x 9" SOLD Here is my painted version.  Value study of President Abraham Lincoln. A president of true values.

New DPW Lincoln Challenge

Honest Abe , print on heavy paper, 10x8" available This week's Daily Paintworks Challenge is to:  D. THE "LET'S IGNORE RAYMOND" CHALLENGE, or if you prefer, OTHER: You do have the option of ignoring me; produce a portrait of Mr. Lincoln in any 2D manner you wish. Don't worry about hurting my feelings, it'll be nothing a good brownie won't cure. (Psst! I am very partial to woodcuts.) I elected to get acquainted with the President's face through drawing a few sketches. I purposely chose to do a caricature in order to really get a feel for those features that best personify the man. I am happy with the results. I eagerly look forward to doing another  Lincoln Challenge  this week: A. THE BLACK AND WHITE CHALLENGE:  Paint the portrait in black and white; try to maintain neutral grays with a limited palette of these three pigments: Ultramarine Blue / Burnt Umber / Titanium White.

Welcome to Mary Rochelle Burnham's Blog!

Red Apple , Oil on RayMar Panel, 6 x 6" available I'd like to introduce you to my new blog, where I will be posting new work (and some old) for sale. Please visit often, leave your comments and let me know how I'm doing! Besides having an avenue to sell my work, I hope that you will comment on both the quality of the work and my progress. As I have learned and been inspired by countless artists, I hope you will find something to glean here, too!