The Nature's Arrangement Challenge

Started From Seed, Acrylic, 6x6", SOLD

This is a  Daily Paintworks Challenge posted by James Coulter. The directions are as follows:

For this challenge you'll have to go outside (yes, even if it's hot). Choose some flowers on the ground and stand from one to six feet away from them. Use only these colors: Ultra Blue, Cad Yellow Med (or Lt), Cad Rd Lt and white. Limit your painting time to one hour (don't cheat!). Using only three brush sizes (large, med and small) start with a large brush and cover the canvas with thin paint (not runny), getting most of the large, dark areas blocked in. Then work dark to light, thin to thick. Have a focal point with darker darks, lighter lights, more intense color, thicker paint and fewer sharper edges. The rest of the painting should support that area with less visual energy (softer edges, less intense colors, less contrast). Use the smallest brush only at the end and in the focal area only (last 15 minutes). Use a value scale of at least 8 to 2 (dark to light). And try not to use white to lighten unless it is a cool color (blue or purple).

Well, I had a challenge, for sure. I don't think I was entirely successful, but I learned a lot. More importantly, I enjoyed what I was doing!


  1. Beautiful colors with such a limited palette. I especially like the variety of light and dark colors on the petals...very nice!


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