Open Figure Session, September 28, 2011

Marjorie, Oil, 12 x 9" SOLD

Marjorie was our wonderful model, yesterday. I was so happy with her choice of the red top as it reflected plenty of warmth into her skin. The walls of the art center are a very cool white and yesterday was overcast, adding additional coolness. Everyone kind of got a late start, so with breaks, I painted this in about two hours. Doesn't seem to matter how early I get there, time just seems to get the better of me. The upside is that I don't seem to be over thinking my approach. I had a warm reddish brown tone on this board and it seemed to really help to paint the portrait quickly. You can see it particularly in the blouse.


  1. Oh my, in just 2 hours? I am spellbound with the innumerable brush strokes and colour values,, it is a stunning portrait full of character Mary..glad to know your work!

  2. Thank you, Padmaja! There is no time to think...only paint, paint, paint!

  3. Great painting, Mary! I like the warmth in the darks under her chin.

  4. Nice painting, good job on painting her hair.

  5. This is a very accomplished portrait, decisive and well done and with a sense of humanity that I love.

  6. Thank you, Daniel and Taryn. I truly appreciate your comments.


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