Open Figure Session, September 7, 2011

Sedona Bound, Oil, 11 x 14" SOLD

I love this guy! He's so funny, talented, easy going. He kind of has a bit of a nut job for a wife, but hey, nobody's perfect.

Rich was our model yesterday at our Open Figure Session. I have painted him a time or two and every time I do, I think I get a little better at it. I love the far away look in his eyes and the shadow on the wall. The unfinished shirt with the red underneath, seems to point the viewer straight to the face while giving a nice texture. What do you think?


  1. Very nice, Mary. The shirt definately draws the eye to the face. Is that your husband?

  2. What tipped you off..."that his wife is a bit of a nut job?" Yup, that big hunk of burning, Burnham love is mine, al-l-l-l-l mine!

    All kidding aside, thank you for your kind words, Jean.


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