Lost in Thought

Lost in Thought, Oil on Panel, 12x9"  SOLD

Heather was our model at Open Figure Studio. I was quite pleased with the outcome from the dramatic backlighting. I was working on a fairly dark toned panel. This piece just flowed without much pressure. I am not sure who was lost in thought more, myself or the model?


  1. Great job!!! Your values are right on-- Something about that backlighting really pumps up the drama factor here, you did a beautiful job on the facial hilights and the sparkly jewelry... Lovely. and I love the bits of the paper showing through too. (:

  2. Thank you, Diane! I am really terrible with my marketing...I need to get a hold of it. Right now I have this piece up for auction on Daily Paintworks at a quarter of my asking price above. I will be posting several more at bargain basement prices just to get some recognition and to make room for more pieces.

  3. Lovely painting Mary...and it's all MINE. Thank you! It couldn't be more appreciated or have a more admiring new owner.

  4. The pleasure is all mine, Debra...enjoy!


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