Portrait of Marjorie

Marjorie, Oil, 14x11", SOLD

Marjorie had sat for us, again, and I did the usual oil sketch. I liked it, but it had a couple of issues that I decided I'd address at home. I bring a camera with me to the sessions and take a few photos of the models as reference. I rarely go back and alter a piece at home, as I either like what I did or I don't. Those I don't, I will use to paint over with something or someone else.

Marjorie is special. She is someone that I admire, consider a friend and feel a special bond with her. I hope that my portrait of her shows the respect I feel for her.


  1. This is beautiful Mary! It definitely does show your respect for her! Love your work and your blog!

  2. Wonderful color harmony and oh her hair is soooo beautifully painted. I also like the variation on edges, soft and hard. VERY nice!! (I bet she's thrilled with it!!)

  3. Thank you, Brad and Diane...Marjorie is thrilled and has it displayed prominently to rave reviews!

  4. It is a beautiful piece. Love the skin tones and the way you painted her hair. Just lovely.


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