Something Borrowed, Something Blue.

Something Borrowed, Something Blue, Oil, 7x5", SOLD

I borrowed the blue glass from Judy Goral of Lemons, IL. The flowers were given to me from Carol Marine. This lesson was to use one color per one stroke. I groaned at first then decided that I loved the results! Got to do this more often.


  1. at first glance I thought it was Carol's painting! Love it! So you know how Carol had us only introduce with our first names? Well, I never realized until I saw the rest of your names that I've seen your artwork before and been an admirer! Perhaps it is better that we were a bit anonymous though or I would have been very intimidated.

  2. Thanks, are a sweetheart!
    You were the hit of the workshop party. (everyday felt like a party even with all of the hard work and concentration!)

  3. I love this...the brush strokes...the is all so perfect. I also love the appropriate!

  4. Hi Mary, I thought it was Carol's at first also! Great job on this I didn't remember you doing this. The workshop was a great fun wasn't it?

  5. Thanks, Gloria! I did this right after Carol's demo. I learned so much at this workshop and you just couldn't ask for a better bunch of people to learn with and from. Yeah, I couldn't wait to get there each morning and I didn't want to leave at night. Learning has never been more fun or rewarding!

  6. I like how you've worked with colors at this picture! Have a look at my blog, you may like the style I write about through it is not similar to the one you use in your works!


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