The Bluest Eyes

The Bluest Eyes, oil, 7x5" SOLD

This is my entry for Daily Paintworks, "The Up Close Animal Challenge".
The challenge is to paint a close-up of an animal's face and to use the edges of the panel to crop or frame the face with a minimal amount of background space. Taryn Day is the challenge's author, a painter I adore.


  1. I love expressive and I love the colors you use in the fur.

  2. I'm glad to find you, Mary, and had lots of fun and learned a lot at the still life workshop today.

    Love the cat close-up,


    1. Thanks, Vicki! I had a great time with you and everyone, today! I took my camera and had it out on the table with the intention of taking photos to blog. I was so busy instructing and giving individual attention to everyone, that it totally slipped my mind. But, I will have unforgettable memories of all the great students and your wonderful artwork...God Bless!


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