Broken Egg II

Broken Egg II, Oil, 5x7", SOLD

I don't know why I decided to use a different technique to paint this egg. I tend to be an intuitive artist, allowing my unconscious to direct me. I was very happy with yesterday's direct approach and I am equally happy with today's result using layers. Following are photos I took of my process:

Stage One:

I toned the panel with a combination of cadmium red light and yellow
ochre. I added a small amount of indian red to draw with and to add
shadows. I lifted color using my brush and mineral spirits for the lights.

Stage Two:

Here I added darks with ultramarine blue, manganese violet and Van dyke brown

Stage Three:

I begin the mid-tones of the background scumbling with ultramarine blue,
manganese violet, prussian blue, white, naples yellow and alizarin crimson.

Stage Four:

I add cadmium red light, cadmium yellow light and zinc yellow primarily in
the yolk of the egg. I combined these colors with yellow ochre and naples
in varying degrees and scumbled into the bowl. The shadow of foremost
egg uses alizarin crimson, naples yellow, cadmium red and Permalba white.

Stage Five:

I add highlights, detail and refine.


  1. Thanks,Mary, for your comment on my"Bulb" on DPW challenge!I visit now your gallery and your blog.Congratulations for your beautiful art works!!!

  2. thank you for showing how you do this...I am amazing how many colors you are using...I so wish I could paint with learn


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