Chapeau, Oil, 12x16"

It feels good to work from a live model again. Yesterday, I joined the Portrait Artists of Arizona. I drove two hours to get there, but it was well worth it. We had a very lovely model and she was quite pleased with the likeness. I experimented with painting loosely and getting a heavier application of paint.

As a follow up to Fallen Firefighter, my January 5th blog, here is a photo from the Pensacola News Journal (click to read the full story):

Tony Giberson/

Velma Jones, center, the mother of Maurice Bartholemew, gets a better look at her son's portrait during the dedication of the new downtown library Friday morning while her grandchildren, Maurice's kids, Caleb, left, and Tiffany Bartholemew look on. A special wing of the library is dedicated in memory of Maurice Bartholemew.


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    1. You are so sweet, Jo! Your paintings are looking fantastic and your progress is amazing! Check out Jo at:

  2. I love hat paintings and this is gorgeous !


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