Milk Break

Milk Break, oil, 5x7", $109

I took the reference photos for this painting a few years ago when I lived in the farming community of Manchester, Michigan. It was spring and this little one was adorable!


  1. Wonderful horse and foal. I'm so glad to have found on the Challenge!

  2. Hi Susan! Thank you. I love your cows...reminds me of Rita Kirkman's. I have always loved cows and one day hope to get around to painting more. I come across the free range ones on my hikes, real up close and personal! Happy painting.

  3. This is beautiful. My daughter really wants a horse. I think she might get a horse painting instead! I hope you are enjoying the challenge. I am glad I got to see your work.

  4. Thank you, Lillian! I loved horses as a youngster and knew my parents would never own one...that's how I got into drawing and painting because of my love of horses, I drew them all the time!

  5. Very nice job on black and white with the shadows.


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