Women Making Faces Portrait Show - Holly Underwood M.D.

Hollis Underwood M.D, 16 x 20" Oil, On Loan from the Collection of Dr. Underwood

Hollis Underwood M.D.
Honor Health Scottsdale

Hollis (Holly) Underwood M.D., is currently on staff as an Internal Medicine provider at Honor Health Scottsdale. She came to Arizona in May 1994. After a 6 yr appointment in the department of Community Internal Medicine at Mayo Clinic Scottsdale, she became President of Sonoran Health Specialists, Inc., in February 2000 where she developed and crafted her expertise in Integrative Wellness and Anti-Aging medicine. Dr Underwood served on several boards and organizations including the Center for Women’s Health, Vibetree Foundation and Planned Parenthood. She is a contributing author for The African American Woman's Guide to Heart Health and is also active in several organizations including The Links, Inc.,The National Association of Professional Women and The American Association of Anti Aging Medicine.
My lifelong interest in the medical field has lent itself to paying careful attention to anatomy in my portraits. I met Holly when she became my husband’s doctor at Verde Valley Medical Center. We were deeply impressed with her knowledge and caring. She makes a person feel valued as an individual as well as cared for as a patient.


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