Maine Coon Cat Buddies

Maine Coon Cat Buddies, 8x10", oil, SOLD

I love all animals (and people), but I really have a connection to cats. We got our first from my uncle when I was a toddler. Most of my adult life I've had cats and dogs and an occasional bird, rabbit and squirrel (rescue). I became an artist because of my love of horses. I am available to do commission pet portraits, contact me if you are interested.


  1. This painting led me to your DPW gallery where I realized I'd admired your work before. Looking through your blog, I see all your work is extremely accomplished. Your portraits and animals are beautifully rendered, and you are particularly adept at capturing form.

    1. Thank you very much for the lovely compliment, Helene! I enjoyed looking at your artwork and wish you continued success!

  2. Hola Mary, preciosos tus gatitos. Felicidades
    Un saludo. Teresa


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