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A Study of Values

"Apple symbolizes wisdom, because in the Bible, it is the fruit of the tree "that gives the knowledge of what is good and what is evil"1(Genesis 2:9), which Adam and Eve are forbidden to eat. God had said "You may eat the fruit of any tree in the garden, except the tree that gives the knowledge of what is good and what is evil..."2(Genesis 2:16-17). Nevertheless, being tempted by the evil serpent, Adam and Eve eat the apple. After they consume the forbidden fruit, Adam and Eve "[are] given understanding"3(Genesis 3:7), and are thrown from paradise, the Garden of Eden. Therefore, the apple may also symbolize the beginning of an exile, or suffering."
--Dominique Mao

Her Gaze

Adrienne is a petite young woman with the most compelling gaze. The shadows are painted very thin and the light values, especially in the face, are impasto. My intent was to show some interesting brush work in this 2.5 hour sketch from life.

Something Borrowed, Something Blue.

I borrowed the blue glass from Judy Goral of Lemons, IL. The flowers were given to me from Carol Marine. This lesson was to use one color per one stroke. I groaned at first then decided that I loved the results! Got to do this more often.

Apple with Cup & Saucer

I set up this arrangement after our lesson on composition at Carol Marine's workshop. I borrowed the cup from Cathe Hedgespeth of Henderson, KY. She is a sweetheart. I worked at the same table as her each day. I borrowed the background papers from Trish Lyons of Louisville, KY, who also shared my table. Trish is a wonderful gal, too, and I was happy to loan objects along with everyone else. We had a fantastic group of people, which included two great guys!

At the Carol Marine Workshop

If you ever get a chance to attend a Carol Marine workshop, your money will be well spent! Carol is a fabulous instructor and a teaches a wealth of information. Even an old dog like me can learn a new trick or two. This piece is one I did on my first day. I will be posting more and putting up on DPW.

Her Highness Holds Court

The Daily Paintworks Challenge is to paint man's best friend and his/her favorite things. This is Sasha and she looks so regal that she could be Queen!

Portrait of Marjorie

Marjorie had sat for us, again, and I did the usual oil sketch. I liked it, but it had a couple of issues that I decided I'd address at home. I bring a camera with me to the sessions and take a few photos of the models as reference. I rarely go back and alter a piece at home, as I either like what I did or I don't. Those I don't, I will use to paint over with something or someone else.

Marjorie is special. She is someone that I admire, consider a friend and feel a special bond with her. I hope that my portrait of her shows the respect I feel for her.